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Bough House Construction is a builder based in Fremantle raised in the intrinsic beauty of structures made from natural materials. Incorporating modern light and open design principles coupled with old world charm I aim to achieve the maximum in quality and appeal your home can be.
Attaching a new structure to an old building brings challenges which can be used to mould the old and new into a thing of beauty.
Covering basements, single level and upper level additions, your house can grow to be all you wish it to be.
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I am a Civil Engineer and founder of a very successful 25 person consultancy practice. As a result of my undertaking a group housing project I grew to know and respect Larry very well. Larry’s supervision on this job did not waiver with his integrity, competence, and composure. The outcome was achieved as a result of Larry’s effective management of not only the works and building team but also the architect, and to an agreeable degree myself, the involved client. His depth of knowledge and understanding of the building industry and its trades has provided me with three quality houses. I am currently seeking another development opportunity and will, without equivocation, engage Larry as my builder. Barry Trewin - Civil Engineer


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